Meet the lab

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Sonya Neal
Principal Investigator

B.S. Chemistry and Biochemistry, UC San Diego

Ph.D.-Molecular Biology, UC Los Angeles

The central goal of my new laboratory’s work is understanding how rhomboids participate in ER function, retrotranslocation, and the stress pathways that result from their absence. 

For fun: running, watching sports and mindless reality tv shows, playing fantasy football, hanging out with my daughter


Anahita Nejatfard
Lab and Safety Manager

B.S. Human Biology, UC San Diego

Characterizing the tissue-specific role of rhomboids in protein quality control

For fun: spending time with family and friend, watching new movies and shows and yoga
Satarupa Bhaduri
Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D. Biophysics and Structural Biology - Purdue University
M.S. Biochemistry - University of Calcutta India 

I study the structural dynamics of rhomboid proteins and their mechanistic function in ERAD. 

For fun: I like reading fiction, running, and gardening.

Rachel Kandel
Graduate student (Biological Science)

B.S. Biology, CSU Channel Islands

I am studying the cellular response to accumulation of misfolded membrane proteins.

For fun: I enjoy reading, cooking, and spending my weekends exploring San Diego.

Saroj Gourkanti
Graduate student (Biological Science)

B.S. Biology, New York University

I study the role of different rhomboid proteins in mammalian tissue and development using the zebrafish model

For fun: I enjoy hiking, working out, cooking, drag shows, any form of reality TV, and pop music!

Analine Aguayo
Graduate Student (Biological Science)

B.S. Cellular and Molecular Biology, CSU Northridge

I study the mechanistic role of rhomboid proteins in stress-induced breast cancer progression.

For fun: I enjoy doing anything/everything outdoors, watching Rom-Coms, and spending quality time with loved ones

Narinderbir Singh
Undergraduate student
B.S. Biology, UC San Diego
My research focuses on the mechanism of Dfm1-dependent retrotranslocation. 
For fun: I love going to the beach and hiking.
Tiffany Kuo
Undergraduate student
B.S. Biochemistry and Cell Biology, UC San Diego
I am working on understanding the mechanism of protein degradation pathways by identifying Dfm1 residues that are sufficient for retrotranslocation. 
For fun: I like to binge watch TV shows (especially Friends), cook ramen, and travel!